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The raised vertical line of skin which divides the male scrotum.
Tickle my gleeba and make me scream!
by JHop January 12, 2008
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Boobs that look like pointy swinging rocket tips from the 70's due to the style of bras that held them in this era.
Jon: "Whoa, you see that chicks rack?"
Pete: "Yeah they're nice looking 70's boobs!"
Jon: "I'd definitely hit it, bro!"
by JHop March 28, 2008
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In the car business, this means working at the dealership from open to close.
Greg: "Hey Bob, you wanna come out for some drinks tonight after work?"

Bob: "Hell no, I gotta work a bell to bell tomorrow!"

Greg: "HAHA, Sucks to be you!"
by JHop March 07, 2008
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The act of scrounging for one last hit after a serious crack or cocaine binge
Homie: "Hey Karl, quit scrapin' the mirror, there's no more blow left. You're just chasing the ghost!"

Karl: "Fuck you man, I can get one more line off this mirror!"

Homie: "Whateva"

Karl: "Well then call your boy and let's get some more of that shit!"

Homie: "We already been up for 2 days and I aint got no money left."

Karl: "AWWW SHIT!"
by JHop February 14, 2008
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Making a big deal out of something so meaningless. Usually done in order to save a few dollars and/or headaches, but disregarding the big picture.
Jon: "My customer wants this specific package installed on the vehicle he's buying."

Larry(company owner): Well we can just put on the aftermarket package instead. It's basically the same and it will cost us less."

Jon: "But I already told him we'd get the original factory parts installed. Those are what he looked at, and what we already quoted."

Larry: "I don't care, business is slow and this is what we'll do for your customer!"

Jon: "Quit picking nuts out of monkey shit you douchebag! I quit!"
by JHop March 12, 2008
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A person who is obsessed with internet dating and dating websites. Can be both male or female, and they always have multiple profiles scattered throughout cyberspace.
Joe: "You going out with us tonight later?"
Jon: "Nope, I got a date with some chick."
Joe: "Internet?"
Jon: "Yup, this one says she lives in a trailer park, has 13 tattoos, 3 kids, and a lazy eye... this one should be easy."
Joe: "You inter-whore!"
by JHop March 10, 2008
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In the car business, a customer who has excellent credit.
salesman: "Do we have a shot here on this deal?"
manager: "Just as I thought, she's bullets baby! She could buy anything on the lot."
salesman: "Sweet."
by JHop March 07, 2008
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