1: A tourism town in Wisconsin that is based around the unique cliff formations that are found only on that small portion of the Wisconsin River. Since its early river days, it has expanded its tourism industry into hotels, waterparks, arcades, and gift shops.

2: The cliffs on the Wisconsin River from which the town is named. From the French word "dalles", meaning "high, layered cliffs".
I stayed in Wisconsin Dells last week.
by Nick Nack January 5, 2007
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A small tourist town in Wisconsin where aliens invaded and blew up the White House, leaving it upside down in the middle of the city. The aliens then took the form of thousands of Eastern Europeans and began exploiting visitors with water parks and "adventure" golfing. Also, home to the hottest club in the Dells, Marley's.
Man I just got back from Wisconsin Dells, it's a good thing I wasn't body snatched and given a Polish accent.

NOTE TO EDITOR: This is not an "inside" joke...anyone who has visited WI Dells would know.
by BDUB82 September 1, 2009
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A place in the center of Wisconsin where F.I.B.'s (Fucking Illinois Bastard's) flock to during the summer months (besides Door County) which has been unfortunately exploited by investment firms of all types, making everything in the city overpriced and commercialized. Now instead of a great vacation spot everyone and their mother is trying to sell you timeshares, what a joke!!!
Wisconsin dells: Its too bad the river didnt wash all the F.I.B.'s summer homes away last year
by murph666 April 14, 2009
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A small town filled with waterparks. It is conviniently located about halfway between the cities of Chicago and Minneapolis so people from Minnesota and Illinois can converge and show Wisconsinites how to properly use their state.
On my way to the Wisconsin Dells I was cut off 5 times by cheeseheads going under the speed limit.
by Subway 14 July 13, 2011
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The epitamy of white trash. A town full of racist bumper stickers and pro trump nazis. It's the same store over and over again, shirts, moccasins, weapons. There are a few ok businesses but generally just a minority hating town with lots of normie snapchat t-shirt stores.
Person 1: hey i just went to The Wisconsin Dells
Person 2: how was it?
Person 1: full of racist normies
by Darthbubbaaa January 4, 2018
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A boring ass hick town full of hotels and waterparks.
Tourist 1- Why would you want to go to Wisconsin Dells?

Tourist 2- Don't go there, it is a waste of money!
by CZ334 January 2, 2006
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An overcrowded school in WI that has no shortage of rude rich kids, stressful classes, hoes, and is prone to making it's students stressed and wishing they could jump off of the near by bridge or various cliffs found in town. The school is also known for doing fuck all when it comes to bullying or any other problems it's students may face while attending.
Person 1: "Where do you go to school?"
Person 2: "Wisconsin Dells High School"
Person 1: "Oh.. I'm so sorry."
by dumbh03 October 22, 2019
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