The world's biggest jew with a nose the size of a dodge charger. He also has a huge cave, underneath his lair, where he stores all the shekels that he yoinks with his nose.
A: My friend Oscar keeps yoinking all my shekels. He's such a jew.
B: But not bigger than Dalle.
A: True
by Myfriendhasdowns February 8, 2019
A small town in Oregon 80 miles east of Portland on the Columbia river. It snows in the winter and gets above 100 in the summer. Its very windy in The Dalles as well. The Dalles is also known for its many cherry orchards.

Basically, Lewis and Clark took a shit there and they decided to call it The Dalles. The Dalles is full of old people. There is nothing to do in The Dalles except for smoke pot, drink, and drive around in the middle of nowhere. Surprisingly there are a lot of fine ass bitches there, especially in the class of 2010. If you're in The Dalles and its not summer time, then you best get the fuck out of there.
Person 1 "Dude, we're in The Dalles. Wtf are we going to do?"
Person 2 "Well lets smoke pot and then go mob somewhere"
Person 1 "Alright, theres nothing else to do"
Person 2 "True story man"
by xRDFx February 14, 2011
Dalls refers to the male genitalia including both the penis and testicles. The word is a combination of dick and balls or dong and balls.
That girl from last night wanted my dalls.

Suck my dalls!
by dalls November 6, 2007
Small hometown in Oregon also Home of "Google"
by imdeanna September 11, 2008
A medical phenomenon which occurs only in males. It is when the scrotum begins where the head of the penis ends. It is deceiving when the penis is flaccid, but when erect the genitalia resembles a pelicans beak when full of water.
Is that a pelicans beak or do you just have a case of the Dalls?
by Capitan de Planeto December 15, 2010
A complete douching that is gay also has a small penis
by To be awsome March 9, 2016
a word that has come to describe an extremely attractive male teacher that all the female (and even some male) students would seriously enjoy getting with.
Did you see that substitute in room 411?

Yah! He's a total Mr. Dall, I would totally hit that.
by valhalla.loves.dall April 15, 2011