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Expression of disbelief, usually over something too good to be true. A phrase containing 'get out' usually ends with an exclamation point.
Bruno: And so all of the digits matched! That's 2.5 million right there, dude!

Ed: Get out! That's awesome!
by Diggity Monkeez May 27, 2005
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A term used by people on social media (usually Tumblr) when somebody comments with a pun. Can be used in the place of a "CARLOS!" gif
Person: If Anne hath a will, Anne Hathaway.
Person 2: Get out
by brilliancedme June 11, 2016
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A phrase said to someone who has said something stupid, or asks a question already answered multiple times. Can also be combined with personal or non-personal places. The phrase is usually said with a nonchalant tone.
Helen: Didn't Christopher Columbus land in America in 1486?
Deshawn: Get Out.

(combination) Jason: Yeah but i didn't think the ice would melt.
Terrence: Go home.
by Radiak February 27, 2011
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a phrase used by Gordon Ramsey in hell's kitchen when an idiotic chef screws up
usually when the chicken is raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw
by a mortified nino November 09, 2016
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this statement is used when someone becomes angry with another, and he/she wants him to go outta the room.
Son: Daddy! I want some money..

Dad: get out!!!

Just get lost!!
by JackJack2 July 14, 2009
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something you say when someone says something stupid/gay/ridiculous
1:Dude I'm cool!!
2: OMG, GET OUT!!, there are 3exits you can chose from... get out..
by coo kud April 08, 2009
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when someone says something unliked by another e.g. i dont like the OC but the other person does!
can you get out please?
by banannie May 31, 2005
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