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The act of walking around with a t-shirt and nothing else on, like Winnie the Pooh.
My roommates stopped paying the rent and moved out when they walked in on me Winnie the poohing.
by Alex N. aka alexsexyman June 26, 2011
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When someone that has a large belly is wearing a shirt that is too tight or too short, and their belly sticks out- like Winnie the Pooh's.
"George sure is Winnie the Poohing today, isn't he?"

This shirt is too tight & short- I've been Winnie the Poohing all day long!
by Satchel May 06, 2005
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When you're wearing a shirt (usually short) with nothing on under the waist.
"Just shaved my pubes so I gotta Winnie the Pooh it to get some air down there"

"My boner was too big for my undies so I did some Winnie the Poohing"
by Chesty LaRou April 02, 2019
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The act of wearing a shirt but no pants
When you're drunk and about to go to the bathroom but you forget what you're doing and you just stand there looking in the mirror with your pants down and your ass out, you're Winnie the Pooh-ing
by k8tea coaty September 23, 2019
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