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The 10 Wingmanments (Rules of being a wingman)

1. Thou shall respect the shotgun rule above all else.

2. Thou shall remain in formation without complaint regardless of target assigned.

3. Thou shall pursue target with convincing vigour.

4. Thou shall not pull a switcheroo without prior consent.

5. Thou shall get a round in. (Regardless who's money is used)

6. Honour thy wingman's intentions and have no strong opinions. (A simple shrug will suffice)

7. Thou shalt not abandon target until all objectives are complete.

8. Thou shall never be the voice of reason.

9. Wingman unto others as you would have them wingman unto you.

10. Thou shall remain silent when questioned about past missions.
Jewcob: Shotgun the blonde one...

Mamba: Nah come on! her mate is rough and you've got a girlfriend anyway!

Jewcob: Remember the Wingmanments.

Mamba: Fair play, go get the beers in.
by MaximusLadius April 10, 2013
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