Old philly slang for when someone smells bad
Ayo you need some deodorant because your underarms was winging
by Dsmooth April 1, 2008
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Winging someone - to whore them off to the opposite sex!!
Tonight we are going to be winging Ashley big time!
by hudson18 May 27, 2013
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The selfless act of helping your friend to some action to a nice piece of ass.
I was winging Tristan last night at the bar.
by Random22222 December 16, 2017
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The act of getting a blowjob well eating chicken wings.
I took that girl from the bar Home last night, and she loves winging! Next time I’m gonna try extra sauce or double dippin
by Salty1313 January 11, 2018
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Winging: The winging is a sex act in bed where a man or woman puts a abnormally large penis in her/his mouth while trying to suck their toes.
Sammy "Omg! Laura is so good a winging! She can fit four toes and my penis in her mouth!"

Sheldon "Really? Wow that is the best winging I've ever heard off."
by Scar. Trail September 24, 2018
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The most beautiful, nice, loyal girl you could ever met! If you ever met a wing wing in life, don’t miss you chance cause you will regret it forever!
That girl over there is an angel, she is such a wing wing.
by Yoboy62847 January 12, 2020
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