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The act of consuming alcoholic beverages following a night of intense drinking in order to fend off hangovers, shame and feelings of impending death; typically occurs in the morning or early afternoon.
"dude, I am dying after last night, aren't you hungover?"

"Nah, I'm good, I've been winehousing it since 9am. Is McDonald's still serving breakfast?"
by lamaratl November 02, 2011
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The act of singing Amy Winehouse songs sadly all alone when trying to mend a broken heart and empower oneself.
Anna: I feel bad the Tom dumped Mary!
Tasha: ME too! She has been sitting in her living room at the piano winehousing for a week,
by DWBB June 07, 2013
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the process of dying or becoming ill as a whole or partial result of abstaining from alcohol consumption
Kitty: "I've been sick since Thursday. So sick. Blargh. Not had a drink since NYE. This is what not drinking does."
Matt: "Oh no, you're winehousing. Take a shot immediately!"
by Nikesitter January 05, 2014
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When taking an obscene amount of different drugs at the same time. A reference to the great Amy Winehouse.
"Yeah, can't wait to go fucking winehousing!"

"Need to get my fucking winehousing on!"
by Lickquid March 10, 2008
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