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A response to be given when the suggestion of intoxication is declared.
Steve: "Hey John, pub tonight?"
John: "Wine-not!"

Steve: "John, I'm fackin' sloshed mate. One more?"
John: "Wine-not!"

Steve: "Fancy sharing a cab, John?"
John: "Wine-not!"
Steve: "John, I think you've got a problem mate. I didn't want to say anything before."
John: "Wine-not!"
Steve: "Jesus John. Just take care, yeah? I'll see you tomorrow."
John: "Wine-not!"
*Steve jumps in taxi and leaves.

John: "I love you you, Steve. I always have."

by Dexter Fishpaw May 31, 2015
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good Wine Vibes made relevant by 158 aspen
WineNot have a glass of wine eh
by WineNot November 23, 2018
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