Person who sleeps on a pillow (ususally the bottom in sex.)
You are such a Windowsill
by max/seb May 25, 2021
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A sill for your window (you put stuff on it)
Hey Barry do me a favour and put my goose on the windowsill.
by Sara Eley ur G February 3, 2018
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The act of perching on the sill of a lover's window in order to spend time in said lover's dorm without breaking the school code. Windowsilling dates offer, but are not limited to, fine dining, cuddling, movie watching, lip-to-lip touching and sleeping.

This art is commonly used by students at Liberty University attempting to maintain the Liberty Way.
Yo, check it out, Kathy is totally windowsilling over on the hill right now.
by schumway007 August 29, 2014
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Time away from work spent at home.
"Where you going next week when you are off work?"

"Windowsill bay"
by Bristol Tone August 9, 2008
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Having sex on a windowsill. Can also take place in other locations, like "cupcake on the table,' 'cupcake in the tub,' and so on.
"Hey, did you get to see Becky this weekend?"
"Yeah, we had cupcake on a windowsill."
by xxemoxtubaxx January 26, 2010
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Someone who sleeps on the pillow, usually the bottom in seggs.
"You are a whiny windowsill Georgie."
by yo mammon July 25, 2021
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When you are dating a menopausal woman and she has a hot flush and needs to stand at the window. You fuck her from behind at the window in full view of neighbours and passers by.
I was windowsilling my old lady this morning and the postman interrupted with a parcel of his own.
by Rudkip November 12, 2022
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