Wilton is a male name that comes from Sweden. He is a really caring guy that will stay up all night just to talk to you, all he wants is you to feel good. Wilton is also the funniest, hottest and nicest guy you'll ever meet and he's extremly smart - Wilton is the perfect guy.
Person 1: Omg do you see that guy over there?
Person 2: Yes, he's such a Wilton you need to go up and talk to him!
by inteefterbliven December 22, 2019
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A town in Connecticut where police give tickets to anyone who looks like they might be out of town for any reason they can find. It is theorized that 87% of the town of Wilton's revenue comes from pulling over out of towners.
Wilton: Do you know why I'm pull you over?
Driver: No, was I speeding?
Wilton Officer: No sir, you are not driving a BMW. The drug dogs are on the way.
by sumdumfuk October 27, 2011
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Good things:

1. Best Education System in Fairfield County

Although people really forget about this fact, Wilton does have the best public schools in Fairfield County (see the CT Magazine ratings every year) and I'm sure thats the only reason why my parents continue to tolerate living here. While at Wilton I have had some excellent teachers; two of my teachers have a PhD in their respective fields.

2. Good Parties

As in any small town in fairfield county the parties are damn good.

3. Good sports

Yes, our sports teams are good too. Field Hockey and Girls soccer won States this year. Lax teams are perineal winners.

4. Some Genuine People

In order to live in Wilton, you must have money. Which means you must have a pretty good education right? (excluding stay at home moms) Within this group of people there are some very interesting people who dont just care about money. It is possible to survive in wilton as a non-business professional. You dont have to be bloody rich as in New Canaan or Darien, and I think that preserves some semblance of normalcy.

5. Short Drive to New York

Commuting to New York takes a little over an hour.

Very nice.

Bad Things

1. Superficiality

I dont know if people in Wilton are truly happy. Most pour all their money into their huge house renovations, expensive cars, country club memberships and 120 dollar haircuts and yet we have a huge rate of domestic violence incidents. Go figure. The only thing holding together half of the families in Wilton is the fact that the husband makes over 200,000 dollars a year.

2. Nothing to do

There isnt really anything to do here. Thats why everyone drinks and smokes. The teen center is a huge bust. Hey, but at least some kids got a resume booster out of it.

3. Open mindedness?

There are way too many conservative people in this town and the surrounding areas. I respect being conservative for religious reasons, but most people here love the padding that the tax cut gives them. There is definitely a huge stoner-chill out contingent within the highschool but most of these are not stoner-intellectuals, the majority are stoner-waste of lifes.

4. Pre-professional Pressure

There is tremendous pressure on the kids here to do really well in school, and get into an elite college. Most of the kids that are accepted to the elite schools are brilliant and self-motivated, proving that this pressure is unnecessary and ineffective.

On the whole, Wilton is suprisingly not as bad as New Canaan, Darien and Greenwich which epitomize Preppy-snobbyness and old money. But dont worry theres plenty of that here too.
Unlike the Darien Sport Shop, the Wilton Sport Shop sells clothing that you might consider working out in.
by just another bored wiltonian December 09, 2006
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Located in lower Fairfield County, Wilton is a town of sophistication, wealth, and people who are better than you are. A place where it is not unusual to see a pair of Nantucket red pants with whales on it paired with topsiders and a pastel Lacoste, a place where collars are undoubtedly turned upwards in the direction of their wearer’s nose, a place where the words “yacht” and “summer” are used mostly as verbs and a “crew” isn’t a bunch of black people standing on the corner. Recently cited as the fourth wealthiest town in America, Wilton is home not only to prosperity, but also to class. Excelling in sports such as lacrosse, skiing, water polo, rowing, and beirut (class sport for the 2004 seniors of Wilton High), Wiltonians enjoy the finer things in life; when they’re not yachting to their summer residence on block, playing squash at their club on Nantucket or clubbing in nearby New York City, they’re undoubtedly enjoying a relaxing sunset in the Hamptons, teeing off at Pebble beach or “becoming cultured” in Europe. Known predominantly for their famous reputation in athletics and their notorious partying lifestyle (see “beat Wilton”), Wilton High School boosts one of the highest college acceptance percentages and mean standardized test scores. Wilton High School students are bread to attend prestigious universities, to match the success and prosperity of their predecessors, and to live up to the lofty expectations of their blue-blooded peers.
"Are those kids getting shit-faced on their fathers' Yachts? They must be from Wilton."

Wiltonian: "America still makes cars?"
under-privlaged child "You must be from Wilton."

Darien sucks
by the person you wish you were August 15, 2005
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Everyone who has said that Wilton is snooty or pointless doesn't know what they are talking about. I live in Wilton, and I admit its no New York, but its a lot better than the reputation its getting on this website. It may have a lot of really wealthy people but none of them are close to as snooty as people from New Canaan or Darien. The houses in Wilton are just as big and with much more land. The houses in Darien don't even have 1/2 of the ammount of land as we have. My mom is a builder in New Canaan and she comes home with stories about how bitchy her customers are. She enjoys her job a lot more when working with a Wiltonian. Wilton has a great sports program and an exceptional educational program. Much better than those in New Canaan or Darien. Wilton is known for its schooling and sports. If anyone wants to diss Wiltonians anymore they can call me up. And about our so called "drug issues" every town has their group of people who do drugs. You are making Wilton sound like Harlem for God's sake. There are more stoners in all of our surrounding towns (Norwalk, New Canaan, Darien, Greenwich.) Before you go and diss Wilton look at yourselves (New Canaan, Darien, etc.) Have you ever heard anyone diss Wilton's attitude? You hear a lot more people say how stuck up New Canaan is. Everyone from New Canaan and Darien have this annoying preppy speech problem. They overuse the words "like" and "um" like crazy (refer to Example.) And by the way Wilton is definitely NOT a wannabe of Darien or New Canaan. Wilton's sports are getting better every year. I don't think that you can say the same for Darien or New Canaan. The incoming Freshman class is thriving with many great athletes. So I would watch what you are saying before we kick your ass in Lacrosse 2007!!
DARIEN PERSON-"Wanna like go play lax at my hizzouse? We can totally like chill in my backyard. We have a whole foot between our back door and the neighbors fence."

NEW CANAAN PERSON-"umm..like..at my hizzouse we have 2 feet."

by l.w.m.w August 23, 2006
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Name of a shithole in central North Dakota, run by a group of low-life assholes.
Dude, what's that terrible smell? The wind is from Wilton's direction. Oh yeah, that place is a shithole!
by HigherLove January 14, 2020
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A very nice and genuine person who is generally well-liked and respected. Definitely not someone who would post a fake definition to compliment themselves and boost their self esteem.
Joe: Hey, I need someone to be in charge while I'm gone.
Theodore: What about that guy? He looks like a Wilton.
Joe: Wow, you're right, he seems like an awesome guy.
Theodore: Thanks Joe, you're the best.
Joe: No problem, Theodore. See you at the bar mitzvah.
by Thank you wilton, very cool! October 07, 2019
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