2 definitions by Stacey Fredisha

Wilfred is a man who is extremely masculine and liked by many. He is good looking, well mannered and intelligent! All guys want to be a Wilfred and all girls want to date a Wilfred.
Hey bro look at Wilfred, all the chicks dig him man!
by Stacey Fredisha February 1, 2015
Milfred is a unique and rare name which is used to describe a guy who is popular with the ladies but doesn't give any attention to them. He is confident and knows his value and doesn't want to waste time on any girl. He wants a girl who deserves his attention. Milfred is popular and is the guy who is on the football team. He also somehow gets the best grades in school. He is rich and has it all. But no one understands how he can be so perfect.
guy 1: hey bro , whose that good looking guy? Is that Milfred bro?

guy 2: yeah man, I wish I looked like that.
by Stacey Fredisha February 1, 2015