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A hardcore white ass nigga who eats strawberries and whole watermelons.

Usually lives in Da forest of extremely small fish.
Wilem is the blackest white guy you'll ever meet.

Other black white names: Brock, Kyle, Chris
Nigga strawberrys + Nigga pudding = Nigga Wilem.
by Vagtastic3 November 27, 2009
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Wilem. A sexy man, who isn't rejected by girls. Loves to party and is in physical fit condition all the time. Gets drunk and slays all day.
Hey did you see wilem?.

Ye he is sexyyy
by TW2345 August 24, 2017
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A stylish gentleman whom most girls will find attractive. He is kind, caring, and loving for those he admires. He will be a good looking man or even hot to most. He is smart and what Girls should consider and should want as a boyfriend. The ideal man for any girl should be a Wilem. The amount of class Wilem has is impecable to anyone. A man who takes pride in who he is, and takes pride in his handsome looks. At times Wilem can be selfish but who can’t. This man is anyone’s future and he can be friends or more. Either way anyone is lucky to have a Wilem as a friend or boyfriend.
Did you see Wilem today?

Omfg he is such a classy man. He is everything I want and everything a man should desire to be
by TW2345 November 30, 2017
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