1. To have a bad case of rabies
2. To be full of fail
3. To be a wanna-be hardcore wrestler in a e-fed
4. To be a total loser
"Dude what is with you man don't you get that girl is not ito you? Your totally being Wild man"
by G Man666 August 7, 2009
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Anyone who has the last name Wild should be punched in the face and then eaten by ducks.
by Eatpoo April 1, 2003
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Another way of saying that's crazy. but with more emphasis.
Yooo that's wild!

He met nia.
Thats so wild!
by livelifeyoung November 16, 2020
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In the field. In the actual world / real life rather than in theory.
A virus exploiting the weakness was first reported in the wild shortly after the advisory was published.
by Prognathous October 23, 2007
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Wilding: Uptown New York term for when someone (Male or female) doing something so crazy, obscene or outright ridiculous.
Yo deadass that dude right there is wilding, real talk fam.

Yo real talk that dude is wilding for respect, who's man's is that!!?
by King Listo November 14, 2019
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Frown at ; get angry at someone in a very wild way ;
Captain got really wild at Tom when he opened-up his big mouth and revealed our game-plan in front of the opponent team
by deepseas June 20, 2005
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The act of ignoring or walking away from someone, leaving them bewildered. (Often happens to someone who's asking for help or clarification)
Mr Wild wilded me in class, even though I had my hand raised he walked by me like I don't exist.
by Impact Gangsttaaaa April 14, 2011
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