That's wild is a phrase that could be used when fed up with someones bullshit. In a sense that's wild means fuck you
Your tannie is a Thot
That's wild
by Takeaguess! March 25, 2020
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A Philadelphia, PA radio station called Wild 106.7
Wild 106.7 is Philly's Hits & Hip-Hop

Yo dude, you heard that new jam on Wild

S&@t was exclusive
by nick11 July 10, 2013
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Poorly written book by Jon Krakauer. The story of Chris McCandless is interesting, however the book itself is awful. If another author wrote about McCandless (one who doesn't write several chapters about himself) then it would probably be a great non-fiction story.
I was out of toilet paper so I wiped my ass with Into the Wild.
by Bam12493 March 28, 2011
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To Be wilde is to be gay/homosexual but only as man/man, not lesbian and is a reference to Oscar Wilde.
"Your So Wilde"
by bracknell bailey right September 21, 2008
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when someone is talking to you and you don’t gaf; middle schoolers say it a lot; similar to that’s crazy
Kylie: Stormi needs diapers, wipes, clothes, shoes- Are you listening to me?
Travis: *scrolling on Instagram* that’s wild
by @b_poodah November 2, 2019
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A renn faire group painted in black and white stripes who resort to penis jokes and drinking before, during and after faire. Known to steal the vikings booze and the dutch wooden shoes.
One of the wilds just shat in my clog.
by I am the Walrus December 19, 2005
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it describes how bad off someone is on drugs , on that sh!t hard or just on that hard
yo bra stay away from that chik man shes wild
by splankinberry August 11, 2003
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