Everything you need before you leave the house...

Wallet, iPod, Cell phone and Keys.
He knew he had everything he needed after a quick W.I.C.K. check.
by gfar July 16, 2006
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When a male is either masturbating or fornicating until the very verge of climax, he stops fornicating/masturbating to perform a semi-backward roll so his penis is positioned over his face, and proceeds to ejaculate in his own face. This sexual maneuver is often performed with the mouth open, depending on preference.
Girl #1: So last night me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time, and you'd never guess what he did. He just straight up did a wicks all over his face!!

Girl #2: Damn girl, he sounds nasty! Did he have his mouth open?

Girl #1: Hell yeah he did! He even wanted to give me a snowball kiss afterwards!
by Master Of Self Fellatio April 27, 2012
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The small piece of skin next to your finger nail that gets lifted up, often resembling the wick of a candle. Often very irritating and hard to stop playing with.
The wick on my finger is really starting to piss me off.
by Unjesus January 26, 2009
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adj. 1) Something that kicks complete ass, better than having sex with your friend's busty skinny blonde sister that wears hot thong underwear that you can sneak a peek at when she bends over.
Yo, Matt, nailing your hot sister was wick, ahahaha.
by caucasian jack June 20, 2003
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it is the shortcut of wicked. it means something good, its an expression like "ill kill you"
-yo thats wicks!
by RJay June 25, 2006
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Commonly used in older, English slang and related to anger and annoyance, combining being bored and being fed up, mixing exasperation and anger.Possibly related (through use of a common term for penis) to giving someone 'the willies' - in UK particularly, pissing someone off.
Stop that, twatface, you're getting on my fucking wick!
by ziddi van der zee January 01, 2005
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