origins: Boston, Massachusetts, but is now commonly used all over New England. If you're from Iowa (or anywhere that isn't New England) and you use this word, you sound like a dumb ass.

Definition: very, really, so, totally.
Example: That party was wicked awesome.

*Note: to properly use 'wicked' there must be a adjective placed after it. 'That party was wicked' is not correct.*
by Nikki January 28, 2004
A slang term for a man's penis
"Man, you got one small wick"
by FunKboi August 6, 2005
MASS. version of the word "really"

"holy shit, sully, it's wicked hawt out heah..lets go ovah to the havahd bah and beat up some smaht kids"
by brian November 20, 2002
Someone or something that is cool or awesome. An abbreviated form of wicked.
Look at Christie and Emily! They are so wick!
by evesham March 20, 2008
(very) -Boston origins
"I'm wicked stoned"
by The Big Nug T April 10, 2003
Originally Free-form Dreads that has an afro under the dreads are considered wicks, an example someone with large dreads are also commonly called wicks, sometimes all dreads are called wicks the word origins come similarities of dreads looking like the string that supplies fuel to Flame a lighter. "Florida slang"
Man my wicks are getting long,

Damn, it time to retwist my wicks
by Kemptaun August 21, 2018
When a male is either masturbating or fornicating until the very verge of climax, he stops fornicating/masturbating to perform a semi-backward roll so his penis is positioned over his face, and proceeds to ejaculate in his own face. This sexual maneuver is often performed with the mouth open, depending on preference.
Girl #1: So last night me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time, and you'd never guess what he did. He just straight up did a wicks all over his face!!

Girl #2: Damn girl, he sounds nasty! Did he have his mouth open?

Girl #1: Hell yeah he did! He even wanted to give me a snowball kiss afterwards!
by Master Of Self Fellatio April 27, 2012