A wick is a wannabe hick. They are usually these ones who shop at Bass Pro Shop or Gander Mountain and they think they are so redneck when they are wearing their apparel. They act like rednecks and listen to "wannabe country" when they only live in the suburbs. Real hicks shop at Wal Mart.
Bob is a wick when he says "git r done" and wears a duck hunter jacket in July.
by hickman72 March 09, 2009
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Abbreviation of the word wicked. Used to describe a happy or enjoyable moment in a chavs life, generally when they have just successfully stolen their own grandmothers purse or become pregnant again. Often used in conjunction with the word man.
"Wicks man here comes mooms"
by Special boy May 16, 2005
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Referring to a moment that is out of the ordinary; when something completely random happens or is said.
Something completely random happens: "Wick."
by Lutz April 27, 2006
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short for wicked, only if your cool and/or black can you say wick. You also can say it if you rude. Only rude boys, cool and black people can use this word. Otherwise you just sound stupid and people will laugh at you. If something is wicked- its really good, if somethings wick- oh my god- how can it be so wicked! There should be a word for it. The word for it is wick! Wick is also linked with wicked cool in the sence something can be wick cool.
"Wow, that is wick, no, I'm not joking, that is seriously wick"
"I met this great girl yesterday. Wick."
"Thats wick cool is that my son!"
by dead fly May 22, 2004
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In reference to a persons consciousness. To be subordinated to the point of have only the most rudimentary mental functions. As in a wick for super-ordinate flames.
"Jimmy should get fired he's total dead head" "Na he's a wick, management loves him."

"I've been having trouble getting this party off the ground, all I need is a couple of good wicks to get things going"
by goneburn4this1 October 29, 2013
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