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(Whose Dick)

To be shouted so it is letting the world know youre an asshole, You dont care, and anybody who wants to talk shit about you, Or doubt you, Fuck them

To be used as a tag game of sorts, One person must "whos dick" the other person first, and therefore the other person cannot whos dick them back. You can not whos dick somebody who is wearing a Whos Dick T shirt.

Originated in Lackawanna NY by the Whos Dick Committee, Credits to Eddie Strobele
Bunch of people on a porch, Driving by three people in the car roll down their windows and shout "WHOS DICKKKKKK". The people on the porch get pissed off and go fuck, aww man.

Teacher is yelling at you, You turn to the teacher and say whos dick asshole, and walk out.

A hoe is all on your dick,and blowing up for phone, and when you finally answer you go fuck you whos dick hoe and then hangup.
by Whos Dick Committee,LA,NY December 13, 2011
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