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A fragment of the soul created when allowing another being to physically enter your body, thus splitting your soul via the vagina.
Hermione has fucked so many wizards she has created enough whorecruxes to fill the Room of Requirement...twice.
by Tom.Marvolo.Riddle September 27, 2009
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"Whorecrux" is a portmanteu of "whore", which is a derogatory slang term that refers to a prostitute or a promiscuous woman, and "horcrux", which is a term from the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling that refers to seven artifacts which Lord Voldemort used to store each part of his fragmented soul.

Whorecruxes are objects that remind you of a verbally and/or physically abusive ex girlfriend, and must be destroyed in order to ensure that her influence in your love life is gone forever. It could be anything, like a photograph, an e-mail, or even a movie you both used to enjoy. If it brings to mind any memory of your ex, good or bad, then it must be disposed of, or at least put out of sight.
Person 1: "I found a pink net sponge in my bathroom. It belonged to my ex girlfriend."

Person 2: "That's not a forget-me-not, man! That's a whorecrux! Get rid of it!"

Person 1: "You're a dork and an asshole."
by Adam Bestler July 31, 2011
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A Harry Potter related insult, used when somebody is being annoying and evil, due to the pure evil nature of a horcrux.
Voldemort: Nagini won't come out with me tonight. She's such a whorecrux.
by sophieis August 14, 2011
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A term wizarding men use for loose muggle women who carry their half-blood child. (a spawn of their soul)
Damn, that Pansy Parkinson is such a whorecrux. She let Draco Malfoy go loco in her chamber of secrets!
by narwhalsaywhat September 28, 2010
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An individual whose general existence is so repulsive to the point where your darkest fears radiate out of their being, or has the ability to split their soul and/or grossness into multiple parts and disperse it throughout the world, ensuring that everyone neither has a good time, nor is comfortable with their lives.
Yeah, it would, but that whorecrux is really killing my buzz, she just took a shot for the death of her grandmother
by Go To Mercucio! December 19, 2010
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Upon engaging in anal sex with someone you forever own their whorecrux. You can pass them in a grocery store 20 years later, lock eyes, and you're both thinking the same thing. It protects the owners soul should their masculinity be destroyed.
I was in the library the other day, in the Restricted Section, and I read something rather odd about a bit of rare type of sex. It's called, as I understand it...a whorecrux.
by Richard Tugwell July 19, 2018
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