A stupid cheating canadian girlfriend ( Doss Canuck) with initials of MG. It sounds like the work of a 3rd grader, but it is effective!
by Sean Stewart Paul November 11, 2003
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An slut that really acts like a bitch.
You know you are really an stupid fucking whorebitchy slut!!!!
by Tigger-T October 5, 2006
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Slutty Canadian girls named Melanie that fuck 3 different guys while lying to everyone in a different country
Melanie Guerard is such a fucking whorebitch, that slut!
by Matthew James Kvasnicka November 5, 2003
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A male or female; A female that constantly complains during "that time of the month", every time something goes wrong that impacts her life in a small or unimportant way, or a chick that likes the company of men with no strings attached. For the males; they go from girl to girl and cheat on their girlfriends and think it's ok or men that have their own PMS bitchfits. This phrase may also be a word that you use amongst friends to express female dominance and individual, feminine power...and also just to say something girly to catch ones attention.
Shut the hell up whorebitch, nobody is paying attention to you today.
by Joy. December 21, 2005
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A whore who continuously bitches when not in the act of whoring
"Why does Deeanna act like a whorebitch ? Takes after her mom and Heidi.
by Splicaholic July 21, 2020
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Not to be confused with the word dirtywhore, a whorebitch is a dirty slut of an x-girlfriend that is always pissing and moaning about how everyone hates her.
Your girlfriend is a whorebitch.
by kidkramer May 3, 2007
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