Deeanna is a girl that best friends have to understand her first to actually become best friends with. She usually has brown and/or blonde hair. Once you get to know her more she is really funny, makes almost anyone laugh, very intelligent, and when you meet her you subconsciously expect her to make your day better which she almost all the time does. She is the person you want to experience things with and want to be around a lot. Deeanna is quirky. She is one of the smart kids in school that know very well if they are being taking advantage by so don't try to make her do your homework for you because she won't
Person 1:Hey don't you have a Deeanna in your class.
Person2:Yeah... I'm her.
by Deanna.W. June 28, 2018
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A homewrecking, self-centered sluthound.
Usually unattractive and flat chested.
That skank pulled a Deeanna on that family.
by Wild Billiam Badazz July 8, 2009
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the best, most amazing person that this world could ever be graced with. you will bow down to her if ever in her presence...because she is just that amazing. (=
DeeAnna is a total GODDESS!
by synysterdee0811 January 19, 2010
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shes a preppy little biotch
hey, do u know deeanna destedafuck?
yea i do she sucks ass
by blah March 22, 2005
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