A generic label for a nondescript male, with an emphasis on "dick" implying that only the minimum requirements of being male is sufficient to satisfy the argument.

In this respect its context is similar in application to Joe Six-Pack, Joe Blow or John Doe but, respectively cruder to exaggerate the negative perception of the "average" male.
Person 1: "What are the requirements for the position?"

Person 2: "Nothing! Seriously, this place has such a high turn over rate that any swinging dick gets hired."

by aurista25 March 20, 2009
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Someone who fancies himself a big deal or a real ladies man. Usually a reference to Southern man.
Rick Perry may think he's a real swing dick but he's all hat, no cattle
by SlimSam August 16, 2011
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Males that travel in packs, all of which are (manwhores) male sluts. They all dress extremely well and wear designer aftershave lotions. Jeans are usually tight fitting,and show off their caboose. Sometimes other friends wonder if the swinging dicks are possibly bi-sexual, because the swinging dicks have no emotional ties to women. This could make it possible for the swinging dicks to take it up the ass.
"Look Lyn, there's Brian. It looks like those jeans could be a bit uncomfortable, and I can smell him all the way over here."
"Well Di, he is one of the swinging dicks. Hurry duck so he doesn't see us."
by Mrs. I February 18, 2006
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An adult male who has passed puberty, thus has a "swinging dick." Typically used with a negative connotation.
Dude #1: God, we need some girls at this party. All I see are a bunch of swinging dicks!

Dude #2: I know, why don't we call your sister...Just kidding!
by Whatnameisnttaken June 21, 2008
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Adjective for someone that is so bad ass that their dick metaphoricaly hangs past their knees. Related words are player and pimp.
Friend 1: Did you see Jason Bourne kick that dudes ass with a wash cloth?

Friend 2: Yeah, he is such a swinging dick in Bourne ultimatum.
by Viperone July 22, 2009
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In legal jurisprudence, a five man team consisting of a senior partner, junior partner, senior associate, junior associate and paralegal, whose primary function is to quintuple client billings when engaging in the same work.
"I had a 10 minute phone call with my lawyer down at Bryan Cave and the swinging dicks sent me a bill for $1950."
by Ishtamo November 1, 2007
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The guy at work who spends all day sucking up and kissing the bosses ass
John spends all day in the bosses office sucking up and making him coffee he's such a swing-dick.
by Jack Mesideways July 19, 2011
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