It is the name of a fan of Doctor Who, specifically a new fan (Ninth Doctor and up).
I am such a Wholigan... >>;
by Sepik July 10, 2006
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Much like Trekkers vs Trekkies this term originated with new fans of Doctor Who who want to avoid the rabid geek label. These fans almost exclusively watch NuWho, the new continuation that started in 2005, and usually disdain Classic Doctor Who.
Person 1 wears a ridiculously long knitted scarf and a large fedora), Person 2 wears a fez and tweeds

Person 1: Have a jelly baby.
Person 2: A what now?
1: ...How do you not know that one? That's in the top five of any Whovian's knowledge! It's the Fourth Doctor's catchphrase!
2: I'm not a Whovian, I'm a Wholigan. The original show's silly. As far as I'm concerned, Christopher Eccleston is the first Doctor.
1: Fine, then in Nine's own words: "Go to your room!"
by RentFan27 March 7, 2016
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Term for the nerds who are followers of the pop culture series Doctor Who. May sport various Doctor Who relater swag such as T-shirts, Sonic Screwdrivers, and may wear some of the Doctors famous clothing attire like a scarf or fancy old Converses and maybe even a Fez.
guy#1: Hey man, i'm going out to the club; wanna go?

guy#2: No thanks, was going to watch a Doctor Who marathon and maybe eat fish custard.

guy#1 Damn Wholigans! Have fun playing with your Sonic Screwdriver!
by pants are optional November 12, 2010
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One who is a fan and/or obsessed with the tv serial, Doctor Who.
The crowd of female WHOligans nearly mauled David Tennant for his autograph.
by Prisna June 17, 2009
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Everyone's favorite furry green Christmas --- oops, I mean, WINTER HOLIDAY --- party-crasher was a real "Wholigan" until he learned da true meaning of Chris--- oops, there I go again, being politically-incorrect for modern times!
by QuacksO May 29, 2022
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