When your masturbating and it's so cold that your jizz freezes before it hits the ground.
"Hey tom, I was masturbating outside last night and it was so cold that I made some white ice
by Kkk with one black guy January 13, 2017
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a word used to discribe how clean and white ones shoe is; primarally used for Nike's Air Forces but can also be associated with another brand of shoes as long as they're white
damn shortie said his kicks was old, they still look ice white to me.
by KidMAY March 14, 2007
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I'm gon' stomp these honkeys under my ice whites.
by blest December 05, 2006
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This would be White guy cum.
Girl - I got some white ice cream all over my face last night!
Girl 2 - Tastes good doesn't it ;)
by Elisabeth Swannn January 28, 2017
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