When you're locked up/in a room for long periods of time with white walls you start to go fucking insane
by Thekidd 113 March 29, 2016
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Amateur kids "modelling" in front of a white wall,usually hipsters
britanny:wow I love that picture! is it professionally done?
maria: No I just posed in front of a white wall and took a picture of it with my nikon camera
britanny: oh
maria: its called "white wall modelling"
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The act of rubbing tires on the curb so much they become white, resembling white walled tires.
Chuck: Wow, when did Jack get white walled tires?
Ted: He didn't, those are Ghetto White Walled Tires, he cant parralel park.

Maddie: Debby spent 10 minutes parralel parking yesterday!
Alex: Yeah, she's working towards Ghetto White Walled Tires.
by Mastermachete14 May 1, 2014
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When some one masturbates so hard that all the sperm loaded in the tanks comes out and usually sprays out and has been known to change wall colours and even kill people in close range
Wife:i think our wall should hav a new colour im thinking an artistic messey creamey white patel colour. A nice White Washed Walls
Husband:well give me 2 minutes an LCD 52" with high definition and a Jenna Jameson porno and ill make the magic free of charge.
Wife: shud i stay.
Husband no i dnt want to loose u.
by Echo Park March 27, 2008
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When your pull out game is weak.
Bro I white wall her before I could pull out.
by Rhinod88 November 28, 2019
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