normally snowflakes. lie about going outside a lot, never leave there house, causing them to stay super white in which they complain about being white
person 1- "dude, you're so white".
person 2-"yeah, I'm so utterly confused why".
person 1-"probably cause you sit inside all day".
person 2-"i do not such a thing".
person 2-"okay".
person 3-" white people"
by i dont know shizzz January 03, 2021
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I dont know why but has become a synonym for stereotypical americans. Bro, europeans are also white and didnt vote for trump or do school shootings
Dude 1: I hate white people like you 'cause you voted for trump

Dude 2: Bro, im german i cant even vote in the united states
by GimmeANamePls May 12, 2018
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The most evil race there is…
White people are so fucking evil bro mostly white women…
by Raggedy hoes June 17, 2021
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