Male ejaculate that is the consistency of lumpy white gravy. Usually forms when the man has not ejaculated for at least a week, causing the build-up to be massive and thick.
Oh... oh... ohhhhhhh.... shit bitch, all over you face. You just got plastered with my white gravy. Sorry bout that ho, but I hadn't busted a nut in bout 3 o' 4 days now, and that shit is juicy. You better clean that mess up with a towel... but don't use my good towels.
by Misfit the Dog March 16, 2010
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A dick and its white, sticky goo (the steak comes in all shapes and sizes)
Kevin is a connoisseur of tubesteak and white gravy; he can't get enough!
by MOCO & P-Phat February 11, 2008
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the product of sexual intercourse or oral stimulations, Ejaculate.
That juice, that white gravy juice. Its so wrong but it feels so right.

by Jen-Janamous March 27, 2009
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When one guy gets sucked off by someone else and their partner gets to lap up all the spooge that is dripping off of their guy's home-grown sausage and meat balls.
When I come back from a sweaty day of work me and my man always know what to give each other for an after dinner steak and white gravy. We like to take the time to work each other over for seconds and thirds.
by Happy Wolf July 25, 2008
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