1.Short for china white.
2.Slang term for heroin in its powder form.
"I slang that white all nite."
by MakneJrekNU February 23, 2005
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action for doing cocaine.
they were doin whites at my crib.
by leonelo August 19, 2006
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adj - stemming from the culture of the dominant class of North America
Obama wouldn't be president if he didn't know how to talk white.
by bqm June 02, 2009
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Believe it or not, white, gray and black are the same "color". They share a common property: They reflect or transmit all the wavelengths of visible light equally or at least with the same response as your eyes.
My skin looks white to me, but its really gray and black as well!
by JLM September 02, 2005
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A word used in Northen Liverpool (UK), with a similar meaning to "west" It is used to describe somebody who has smoked too much cannabis. It can also be used to mean crazy.
That lads gone white

This muisic is west
by Joe from Liverpool October 31, 2005
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