shit boy, that teach is always on my ass about not having dat white. Pass some over here before i bust a clip in yo ass after skool.
by Getajob5389 January 06, 2009
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People who have more swag and are good at hiphop and all the new trends they r like really good at whipping and dabbing Hitting the Quan etc. Well they say ur white or ur so white because you don't do those things as well.
Girl:Hit the Quan
White girl:Kk

Girl:You so white
by Pleasehelpme March 09, 2016
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The most ridiculous role played by Ben Stiller....one of the main characters in Dodgeball.
There's no resisting white goodman when he puts on his shiny shoes.
by rodney peete August 31, 2005
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Females with extreme levels of annoying, quirky, and attention-desiring behavior. Generally, people who are considered white are not actually caucasian. They can be recognized by mood swings, high starbucks consumption, and very low ass ratings.

These people generally have names such as Lyndsey, Katy, and Michelle.
"Dude that girl Michelle is so white,"

"Yeah, her ass is like a 3 out of 10 too."
by VaginaBob June 17, 2014
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Vodka, or any clear alcoholic beverage.
Ay mayne, what you want to drink tonight? I got some white or Bud Light?
by mixededone February 05, 2010
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- Colonisers

- Ignorant

- Lack of tint, shade or tone
- Always down for an opportunity to make people feel bad about themselves
MAN: Yo, are you white?

MAN 2: Yeah, why?

MAN *swerves*: Fuck outta here with that ignorant bullshit

MAN 2: Oh.
by yeetorgetyacht March 14, 2019
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Someone pink, that refers themselves as "White". People that usually claim US to be their land. Immigrants that ignore the fact that they are immigrants.
They majority of rapist are pink .. I mean white.
by Typicalwhiteguy May 25, 2012
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