NCT 127 track that you should listen without thinking too much about what meaning behind 'Whiplash' title because Geniuses (mark and taeyong) wrote this song .
"shorty give me whip whiplash"
by _markleeeee May 9, 2018
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When a friend is who normally associates with you acts cold to you for no apparent reason and it makes your head spin, hence, whiplash. Can be with a boyfriend or girlfriend as well, though used more in non-dating context.
Marrisa: Hey, what happened with you and Shelby?
Lauren: I have no idea; she's giving me whiplash. I'm sick of her.
by A. Non. Emus November 21, 2013
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basically the hoe anthem stream Simon Says bitches!!!!!
Whiplash is definitely the best song of the century. No doubts.
by Stream NCT 127 Simon Says November 24, 2018
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Whiplash is a bop made by NCT 127 composed by Mark Lee and Lee Taeyong
Person: why is their song named whiplash?

Person 2: who inspired them to write that?
Me: taeyong said his older sister inspired him to write that
by Chenlegendary August 20, 2018
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A phony injury people claim they have when they are in a car accident.
Michelle had a fender bender, so she claimed whiplash and got $10,000 in court.
by mhmm May 20, 2005
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it's a very inspirational, motivational and life changing song sung by nct127's bingeul-bingeul guy, mork and Jefferson. the reason they wrote it is very VERY interesting:)
"shawty give me whip-whiplash"
"Whiplash me more, so I can feel it more"
by ohlalaawaeawaeawae November 10, 2020
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a character iron-man faces. he uses electric whips to slice through anything. his whips can also be used for cutting toast into triangles.
Guy1: dude Whiplash just destroyed my car.
Guy2: Someone better call Iron-man
Guy1: okay you do it my phone was in my car.
by flurfdawg April 27, 2011
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