Someone who looks like a manga guy, someone girls and guys, both old and young would fall for. Also a guy who is grateful, kind, caring but always holds a cold face but deep down he cares a lot. A guy who cleans a lot and is a introvert, good at dancing rapping and singing cooking. Pretty much good at everything. Someone who hates aegyo but is good at it.
Have you seen the 2d manga guy taeyong?
by jung baekhyun June 19, 2017
Taeyong is a hard working leader for the group NCT. He deals with 20 members and still survives. He is a strong man and he is also very good looking. Taeyong is a very smart and loved boy.
Someone: Hey you have seen Taeyong right?

Me: Ya Taeyong is a strong working man
by Hyunjinnie February 23, 2019
Binggeul Binggeul Round
What comes around
Goes around
I dosineun jeonggeul Spin around

by NCT assemble October 13, 2020
A fine ass man who somehow looks soft one moment then a hot ass mf the next moment. He'll most likely be bald by 30 due to excessive dying to his hair.
by biggerwickenergy September 14, 2018
He is the most handsome man you will ever see. He is polite and goofy. He seems quite cold on the outside but in the inside, he is the biggest softy. He loves loves loves animals. He is also a super clean freak. He also has a momma mode, so be aware. He an amazing cook so you will never go hungry. He has the best rapping voice and is an amazing dancer. e is also super sassy. You are super lucky if you know a Taeyong. Never let him go.
You: Want to go to the park?
TY: Maybe...
You: Maybe there will be animals.
TY: Let's GO!
TY= Taeyong the Supreme GOD
by Mavis Khirami June 2, 2019
A phrase kpop stans use to justify something their favorite did
"I can't belive _ did that " "But taeyong did that too"
by heyy.amina June 27, 2021