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small, harmless accident that does nothing but bend the fender, hence the name.
the faggot that backed into me in the parking lot wanted to sue over a fender bender.
by McCheesy November 01, 2003
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minor car accident

The ¡®fender¡¯ refers to the part of the car¡¯s body that covers the tire.

In a ¡®fender-bender¡¯ there is some damage to a car, but not enough to make it impossible to drive.
I had a fender-bender this morning, so I've got to go to the auto shop.
by Choonik Kwon January 01, 2004
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A fender bender is simply when a guy gets a 10 to 15 foot running start to rail a girl in the back door while she is bending over; Making an obvious reference to the car accident when one vehicle crashes into the ass end of the vehicle in front of it.
Hank: "Whoa, why is Brenda walking like a duck?"
Dave: "I remember hearing Bret saying something about giving her a fender bender last night."
Hank: "OUCH!"
by Angry Rhino June 24, 2009
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When your man bends you over the bed of his truck and fucks you just outside of your driveway
"So last night we trued something risky and exciting"
"OMG what was it"
"He gave me a fenderbender! "
by Vanwolfhousen beerfest December 29, 2016
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sex position where the receiving partner bends over and holds onto the round base of a Fender guitar stool while the penetrator stands behind. great for hitting the g-spot if you're a short girl with a tall partner.
I was so glad my recording studio is soundproof; she's a screamer whenever we do the Fender Bender.
by Heina March 14, 2007
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Archaic term for any of the shiny rainbow of barbiturates prescribed like Easter candy in the sixties in spite of causing more death and mayhem than the Vietnam War (to Americans, that is). May help to explain the learning disorders common in subsequent generations.* See also: ape wafers, gorilla biscuits.

*OK, we had learning disorders too; we were diagnosed by professionals as "lazy", "spoiled", "disrespectful", "undisciplined", etc.) (Has anybody with a PhD in Ed Psych ever noticed how fucking boring high school is, except for the handful of anal-compulsive overachievers who will end up either shooting themselves or in charge of further fucking up this barbaric, feudal, shithole of a country?) Off topic! Minus 20 pts!
I was hoping to get into Cindy's pants, but I took some fender benders at the dance to get loose and then sideswiped the vice-principal's Edsel in the parking lot.
by Doc Benway '47 April 26, 2011
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Fender-Bender: When a man gives anal to a chick and he misses, bending his fender
Jeff: Man it looks like you have a boner but somethin's awfully wrong wit dat meat

John: Yeah, I had a bit of a Fender-Bender with Miss Norris over there
by samm...y May 08, 2006
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