A messenger of the Ocean. Marrisa a darling girl name that was unveiled in the later 1970's. If you know a Marrisa get ready for adventure. Loving in nature, passionate about life, satisfied with enough and driven by art. She is an all around woman / child / angel warrior. Marrisa was Sent to earth from the heavens and thru the abyss to provide balance in energetic shifts for those centric beings in this life time. Intuitively devined, super smart, woke, short, athletic, comically enriched. Family love loyalty and trust are her special powers. Fashion icon as every female will look up to and follow her keen since of style. Super adventurous and sporadic. Definitely one female you will want to keep.
Marrisa is a selfless women.

Do you know Marrisa?
by Yours_truly_and_faithfully February 3, 2019
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Marrisa is a beautiful person inside and out she might be tall but she THICCQ she ain’t no crooked stick. She’s an amazing friend and will always be by your side if she truly cares
Marrisa is the definition of big secy
by Hrc_0217 December 29, 2018
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Marrisa is a smart loving fun out going girl and when u get to know her u wont want to leave
Marrisa you will take one look and wont be able to stop ;)
by lolss112 February 5, 2010
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Another way of spell marissa. The name is typically a girl’s name. Marrisa is an extremely cute and a nerdy girl. She likes to read a lot of books. She’s read all of the Harry Potter books and she is probably a Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. She is so beautiful and every guy falls for her. She isn’t aware of her beauty which makes her ever more cute. She’s funny and has the most adorable smile and laugh. She is also very sarcastic. She is amazing and so perfect. She is too amazing for any ordinary guy. She probably has a crush on a hot celebrity like Shawn Mendes or Tom Holland.
Jake: Woahhhh who’s that girl reading that book.
Ryan: That’s Marrisa.
Jake: She’s beautiful.
by Iloveyouprobably October 18, 2018
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The best mom in the world. Shes sensitive with a soft heart.
by Poke kitten March 17, 2018
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