3 definitions by big black sexy daddy h

1) a place where four dudes pay rent but do not actually live. They only party there.

2) a really fucking dirty apartment due to the fact that 55 people were in it on halloween

3) a place where the actual residents do not spend any money on the apartment other than to pay rent. everything is stolen, borrowed, or donated.
1) "what are you doing"

"at the apartyment"

"doing what?

"partying dumb ass"

2) "where is a place people have had sex everywhere other than the kitchen including the golf course"

"The apartyment"

3) "so fellow freshman. where did you lose your virginity"

"The apartyment of course"
by big black sexy daddy h November 4, 2009
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"Damn, she is looking fat!"
"She just had some birthday sex"

"Aw the baby is so cute! What is his name?
"Birfday sexx"

"Welcome the the abortion clinic. What's hood nigga"
"I have a birthday sex problem..."
by big black sexy daddy h April 13, 2010
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A drink which is equal parts whiskey and Nyquil served on the rocks
... yeah. Whis-Quil is doing its thing
by big black sexy daddy h July 4, 2010
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