3drealms says this as the release date for Duke Nukem Forever.
PLEASE STFU. DNF will come out When it's done!
by Mike December 26, 2003
Originally used by 3D Realms as the "release date" for the game Duke Nukem Forever, it basically just translates to either "we don't know yet" or can be jokingly used in the context of indefinitely delayed/Early Access games.
Random Dude 1: "So when's Star Citizen going to come out of Early Access?"
Random Dude 2: "When It's Done!"
by Ordinatoris September 30, 2020
When a project or product is in the developmental stages. It has no set time line given, and is a work-in-progress. The moment the finished project or product has been finalized, then that is when it has been completed. It will be done.
The game is a work-in-progress. It's done when it's done. DWD. That will be when you can buy it from the shelves or marketplace.
by Jack Stone Snr. April 25, 2021