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1.) An Individual who engages in Whataboutery: A propaganda technique where criticisms are deflected by raising corresponding criticisms of the opposite side.

2.) An individual who tries a "back door" defense of one's bad actions by framing a similar situation as alleged proof of a double-standard. With this they are attempting to provide a defense of the individual while at the same time, avoiding association with said bad action.
Mike: I can't believe "Roseanne" was canceled for making racist statements while "The View" is still on the air. After all, they've said worse about Trump.

Dan: Stop being a Whatabouter.

Mike: But what about Whoopi!!?!?!?


Judge: Mr. Ramapovich, this court having found you guilty of 1st degree murder of your ex-wife Suzanne, I hereby sentenced you to the term of Life in Prison without the possibility of parole . . .

Defendant: BUT WHAT ABOUT OJ!?????????
by nerdodamus June 16, 2018
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