1) SLANG n.: during the Reconstruction period of the United States, which followed the Civil War, an equally offensive and racist term as modern day "nigger"
2) N.: a law that segregates people
2) These Jim Crows are getting on my nerves.
by VbPeppermint November 13, 2007
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Hey Jim crow.. Have this watermelon and a comb
by Big Tuff March 12, 2019
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Laws from the late 1800s that allowed white people to be racists.
The segregation of schools was caused because of the Jim Crow laws
by DDDDDDDog September 30, 2013
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Southern US laws that enforced racial segregation (and that nobody likes now)
UglyBilly609:Man Jim Crow laws sucked fr
URMOM777:Whos Jim Crow?
UglyBilly609: bruh
URMOM777: *confused noises*
by female woman January 11, 2023
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A proud card carrying , resolute , dyed in the wool ,alt right conservative republican asshole too stupid to know he’s an asshole.
Has anybody told that Jim Crow Magnon asshole that he’s President now?
by Uncle Baddie July 17, 2019
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The proper way to punch a black person, usually as a punishment for drinking out of the white fountains, or shitting in the white bathrooms
Jim- What is that Nigger doing in my restaurant?
Bobby Joe- I don't know Jim, but give his black ass the Jim Crow Punch and shoo is ass out, make sure you dont get bit though, you might get AIDS!!!
by Billy Ray Ju March 27, 2008
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a gun that is often used in the execution of tiger-riding yard stompers around the world.
hey Jolene and Leonard, i'm headed over to Uganda to try out my new jim crow rifle! Want to join and get a good laugh?

by shadowsmurfer March 18, 2008
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