A tremolo bar. You screw it into your guitar and when you're playing you push and pull it to stretch or loosen the strings, heightening or lowering the pitch.
by Rohan January 22, 2004
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A homosexual act that involves two men. During anal sex, the giver holds the receiver like a guitar, then jacks him off in that position.
Queen had to be good at the whammy bar, right?
by G00ddays January 3, 2009
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The coolest bar in North America and possibly the world!!!!
The WA-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa.....WHAMMY BAR
by Brad and Nick August 26, 2007
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When you tap the clit as fast as you can.
Damn he whammy barred me sooo good last night.
by AssassinMonkey February 20, 2016
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The "whammy bar" goes by many other names as well: wham bar, wang bar, vibrato tailpiece, tremolo arm, Floyd, etc. (Although "Floyd" properly refers only to the "Locking Tremolo System" designed by Floyd Rose). The names come from manufacturers or from users.

Although some refer to this device as a "tremolo bar" or a "tremolo arm", the use of the word "tremolo" is misplaced. Tremolo refers to volume modulation. The term was originally used for instruments of the violin family. If a violinist's (or violist's or cellist's or bassist's) score is marked "tremolo", it means the player will rapidly move the bow back and forth across the string, resulting in a "trembling" sound.

"Vibrato", by contrast, is pitch modulation. Returning to the violin family: watch a violinist's left hand wiggle quickly while holding down a string. By moving her hand this way, the violinist is constantly and subtlely changing the pitch of the string. This makes the sound of the string very "wide" and "alive" -- more "vibrant."

The wham bar on the guitar changes the pitch of the gutar's strings. Therefore, it's properly referred to as a "vibrato" device, not a "tremolo" device.
You can use the whammy bar for anything from a subtle vibrato to a full on crazed dive bomb.

Is that finger vibrato, or is he using the whammy bar?
by Daniel Eickmann November 3, 2007
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when a girl gives you a blowjob while you are playing guitar hero
maggie was so drunk that night she would have given me a whammy bar
by bradley208 January 20, 2008
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A masturbation technique when a man virgorously strokes his penis, while sitting on his heels like a guitar player, when he reaches climax he most likely shakes as if moving an actual whammy bar
God, I was doing the whammy bar last night and I felt more tired then "Through the Fire and Flame" on expert
by Taveon March 10, 2008
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