Tremolo- A common, popular, but sick ass effect on amps.
It is very similar to the spring reverb. This tremolo effect acts as very staccato, non-stop, picking, only better because you won't have to do it. When Tremolo is with the other guitar effect flanger, it's the best. Some songs that have flanger: Three Days Grace- I hate everything about you. " Only when I stop to think about you" . Slayer-Death's Head -end of guitar solo-. Simple Plan- I'd Do Anything " I close my eyes...". Green Day-Bvd. of broken dreams.
Luv that Tremolo, Yes very similar to the Spring reverb- I made a mistake, flanger IS NOT SIMILAR TO THE SPRING REVERB-, or just regular staccato playing.
Tremolo-Staccato, Short Picking
by Patrick Pham September 20, 2005
rapid change in volume of the played or sung note(s)
In short: Vibrato deals with change in pitch. Tremolo deals with change in volume. True vibrato is most often achieved either manually or mechanically.
by bluestinger66 November 9, 2022