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34 definitions by Rohan

Choke by putting hands or something else around the neck.
Strangle my mother and I'll spray your brains all over that wall.
by Rohan November 17, 2003
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The requirements you need (RAM, hard drive space) to run a certain program. In most cases, they are not met.
System Requirements: Ten Squillion Megabytes of RAM.
by Rohan February 2, 2004
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Tough person, or someone who thinks he is.
by Rohan November 17, 2003
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To applaud a sport team or performer/group of performers. Usually involves squealing loudly and whistling.
I cheered when Metallica finished 'St. Anger'.
by Rohan January 26, 2004
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Cockney (inner London) slang for blood.
Christ, that bastards got himself nicked! Look at all the claret he's spillin!
by Rohan October 31, 2003
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Remote triggered mine currently used by the US military. It consists of many ball bearings which fly out when the C4 explosive detonates, making it a good plast explosive and a good area-effect mine.
We plant the claymore there, and when Saddam Hussein walks on it, blow the bastard straight to hell.
by Rohan November 17, 2003
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