34 definitions by Rohan

really hot guy, really kewl guy
and has laided evry gal on campus
rohan rohan rohan rohan rohan rohan rohan
by Rohan August 03, 2004
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someone who likes to complain about anything and everything; also the initials and nickname of paul dean hart
paul: I hate how teachers place guilt on us when we don't do our homework.
mark: You are such a pdh.
by Rohan April 21, 2005
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1) Fat assed disgusting animal that eats scraps and lives in a shithole.
2) Slang for the M60 machine gun, originated in the vietnam war.
1) This pig's fatter than yo momma!
2) Quick, shoot that Viet-Cong muthafucka with your pig!
by Rohan November 01, 2003
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A very hot man. A light-skinned, very handsome and charming man of South Asian Decent. Typically Punjabi.
1. Brad Pitt is looking very Ramanish today.
2. Damn that sexy ass dude look Raman!
by Rohan February 07, 2005
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To consume entirely.
Dawg, I'm gonn bosshog these pretzels.
Yo, that ho bosshogged the chronic.
by Rohan November 13, 2004
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