Verb meaning involuntary exposure to the Song by the band 'Wham!', "Last Christmas", during the holiday season.
At the office Christmas party I was Whammed before I even knew what has happening.
by Sethteka December 16, 2018
prison slang for items bought from a list and picked up from the prison canteen. i.e. cookies, snacks.
see also zoom zooms
Man if you keep losing at spades, you gonna lose all your wham whams and zoom zooms
by prison linguist May 18, 2004
You're telling me I should have nominated Bernie Sanders instead of Hillary Clinton? Oh great, so I can elect one WHAM or another. No thanks!
by the modhatter November 11, 2016
wham. meaning built or good looking. is synonymous with: built, buff, fit, Peng and hot
my back muscles are looking wham today
by whambamchuchutrain September 11, 2018
Another way to describe something massive or abnormally large. Usually a male with huge muscles above 16 stone.
Woah bro, you’re looking wham as fuck!
by Wizardsleeve101 July 7, 2019
When closeted gay men hook up for gay sex, often communicating via exchanging CDs by the band Wham!
I spent like 2 nights whamming dudes at a conference last week, with great results
by sploogin November 3, 2011
Whammed: being very drunk

Hit with something of a rubber consistancy. Like a dildo.
I got whammed last night.

Dave whammed me with my own dildo.

I want to get whammed.
by jim_the_shit January 25, 2006