Another way to describe something massive or abnormally large. Usually a male with huge muscles above 16 stone.
Woah bro, you’re looking wham as fuck!
by Wizardsleeve101 July 7, 2019
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To Wham on someone would be to verbally assault them or to make jokes at their expense

Used primarily in DC, MD, VA.
After Carl talked about my mother's chest hair and my non existent father it was obvious he was trying to wham on my ass.
by billybadasses March 27, 2009
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what you say when someone says something ridiculous or stupid, usually followed by an open palm, circular, hand motion.
Person 1: Hey dude,yesterday night i saw Brad Pitt's cousin's, cousin's, wife's, brother's, mother-in-law's, sister!

Person 2: WHAM!!!!!!!
by Johnson La'Dic July 26, 2010
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George Michaels band standing for "White Horny Anal Men"
OMG here comes the WHAM!!!!! RUN!!!!!!!!
by LordBallz June 30, 2011
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Wham means anything and also nothing you make what it means in any situation and the other person just understands
That Stella was just WHAM
by The Grimsby boy November 20, 2020
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The equivalent of the masculine use of the word gash, however used to describe a male or the male genitals.
1. "I'm going out tonight and I'm gonna find me some Wham" ;)

2. "Excuse me love, I couldn't help but notice that you've got a MASSIVE Wham" ;)
by LBall December 30, 2010
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