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An unanticipated split in a male's stream of urine occurring as a result of excess semen in the urethra produced in a previous instance of masturbation or sex
Ex. 1) I was caught unawares by the magnitude of my Wetzel, leading to a disastrous leakage of urine onto my bathroom floor.

Ex. 2) I missed the toilet by several feet after experiencing a Wetzel of epic proportions.
by Jwetz August 06, 2014
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to pee on someone's bed. To shotgun a four loko. To live in Hudson hall and be ghetto. To play with your dick and a lamb/goat a lot.... i mean a hella lot. Rambunctious but a good person at heart.
Wait..... You fucked a goat. Stop being a Wetzel
by urbanman134 April 10, 2017
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A one legged killer gnome, who kills with his single red tap shoe. Its an old camper story. A tale from the Catskill Mountains. He also hexes people with hexzels. The GTC is associated with him often.
Only the GTC can stop Wetzel!
by GTC member October 26, 2015
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