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1) A racist remark towards a Jew
2) A tight person
1) Hahahaha, you're wearing a dress, fucking wej

2) Wej cuts his hair short to save money on shampoo. I bet he uses both sides of the toilet paper as well.
by RoseRAWR June 15, 2009
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a young jewish boy...who is extremely cheap...this is the polite way of saying jew in public without others knowing...the word jew is acceptable if your guarenteed not to be around jews...such as in chaminade(just ask shawn watro)

plural form- of jewish boys
Look at those weji, bayer and levin, leaving the bagel cafe!

The weji are grazing in the field looking for little shinny objects.
(Booby daly's example)

Bt- Levin buy me a cookie!
Levin- NO WAY BT!
Bt- Come on Levin just do it...ill give you the 25 cents change
Levin- Okay fineee
^Perfect example of a wej at work^
by bt February 15, 2005
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Relating to a group of young jewish people
That place is going to be full of wej tonight
by Daniel August 02, 2004
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cheap person; implying one is jewish;
"I bought the last round, stop being such a wej and get the next one." Instead of staight out calling the guy a jewbag in public not wanting to offend strangers that might overhear.
by swiss February 14, 2005
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A. A person who is extremely selfish and loves money.

B.An asshole, dumbass, retard, prick, or in other words a wej.
A.Trick: Fanny, Buy me DoD!
Fanny: Oy! No, buy it yourself.
Trick:You wej...

Gunther:Any ladies wanna touch my tra la la?
Natalie: Fuck off Wej.
by The Super Nicolai Bros. October 03, 2008
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A synonym for the derogatory word Jew, its used in this form so as not to get confused with the actual word Jew relating to the religion. This word is basically a dis to someone
Ben: Dude man that movie was hella sick
Josh: yea man especially during that scene where the blah blah blah blah
Ben: nah that was the dumbest part you fukin Wej
by That one dude with the stuff October 03, 2007
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