a circular bar of soap meant to fit around someones dick. shaped like a doughnut.
yo you getting your cock sucked nukka?
yea man but i use my weiner cleaner before i go get the job done. it smells like a chode
by nukkaslappa August 05, 2009
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When you stick poop up your urethral opening and have a girl suck it out, and then gurgles it and spits it up your ass hole.
Phyllis: "Dude Freckles gave me a weiner cleaner last night."
Friend: "Lucky thats one good bitch."
by woner 24/7 July 02, 2011
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Someone who gives great oral sex to a man, and licks everything clean off the penis when done.
Hot Rosey gave me some fantastic Head last night and really sucked me dry. What a Weiner Cleaner !
by Rory O'Doul June 13, 2018
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