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he is a cute guy but sometimes annoying.all the girls love him.
he is generous and caring guy. he is short tempered.
you are a bennet
by frivsdhjn December 27, 2013
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a small goat looking creature that consumes large amounts of grass, in the same place as it excretes, often found near
moterway service stations and back alleys often known to be tripping out.
oi oi!! he looks like a right bennet!
by brookz2008 April 30, 2008
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1) Used to describe the very rare instances when a male may impregnate a woman without actual carnal knowledge.
A term originating in Dublin Ireland. Usually occurs during sexual assault wherby a male masturbates over a usually heavily sedated female and some sperm works its way to the lady garden. A behaviour that is thought to be a throwback to baser genetic tendancies sometimes exhibited in canine species suce as the mountain wolf.

E.G. That American girl claims he did a bennet on her.
by eoinolin September 08, 2008
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