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Her name means so many things to so many people, but to her it doesn't mean much. She's talented and so beautiful- when she walks into a room people can't help but stare. She lacks self-confidence due to insecurities people have made her feel bad about before. She covers up those insecurities by being outgoing, friendly, and crazy. She's so strong and impacts the lives of everyone that she walks into. She gives so much- but very rarely gets much back. Someday she's find someone who wants to show her and help her recognize her own beauty because he will truly love her. She comes off as tough and a bit emotionless to many people, but that's simply because she builds walls around herself because many people she's let in have hurt her and left her. She's really a genuinely kind, warm-hearted girl who deserves so much better than how she's been treated. She's constantly looking below the surface, she's a kind, accepting, understanding, non-judgmental human being. She's also incredibly hilarious and sarcastic. She's probably been through a lot or is going through a lot, so she's always very grateful and appreciative for nice and kind people. She often feels lonely, very often times she feels hated by everyone, but she just has difficulty in being understood. She's realistic, but sensitive. She's brave, but thinks she's weak. She's beautiful- inside and out. From her perfect body to her intelligent, interesting, lovely, amazing mind, she's an absolute creation of perfection.
Guy 1: Rosey is so gorgeous! How can any guy not fall in love with her the second they see her?
Guy 2: I don't know, something about her just makes me want to get to know everything about her... she's beautiful.
by Ashlee C May 26, 2013
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A girl who is beautiful, and has her moments where she knows it and other moments where she doesn't think so at all. Often brunette, or auburn hair. Short or tall, often skinny. She's gorgeous. Yet she picks out her little flaws and worries about them too much. She often has a lot of shit going on, and struggles with dealing with it and putting it aside, but somehow manages to every time. She makes one of the best best friends you could ever have, and is always there for you. You can rely on her with anything. If you're friends with a Rosey, don't let her go. You'd regret it. She's sensitive and once someone tells her something bad about herself, she can't think any different unless proven otherwise. She get's caught up in the moment to realize what is best for her a lot of the time, so she gets hurt easily. She puts an amazing impact of many of those lives who she walks into. She is incredibly talented, yet never good enough for herself. She always tries her best at everything, including helping others. She knows what it feels like to just feel like nothing, so she works hard to make sure she doesn't hurt others. She has very many little secrets, but very few dark, deep secrets who nobody knows about. She's hilarious and can make anybody's day brighter. She's adorable, sweet, caring, helpful, gorgeous, sensitive, and beautiful. She puts an impact on everyone's life that she walks into. Nobody ever forgets her.
girl 1: Why is Rosey so insecure? she's gorgeous!
girl 2: I don't know, anyone would kill to look like her!
by Ashlee C November 15, 2012
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Best described briefly as quoted infamously as 'The perfect combination of vulgar and sweet'.
by PinkyandaBrain January 29, 2015
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A girl that gives you butterfiles in your stomach.
That gril is makin' me Rosey.
by Dat Nigga JC March 01, 2003
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Usually in reference to one's palm and is generally accompanied with her five friends (i.e. one's fingers). The term is usually used in reference to masturbation on the male's part.
Guy 1: You have a date with Rosey last night?
Guy 2: Hell yeah! Rosey is such a slut. She brought her five friends along too. It was an orgy!
by Moses February 04, 2004
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This term is used to say by a person who feels really warm, toasty, good, lit, tipsy, buzzed trashed, or drunk, and his/her cheeks and face may also be reddish due to intoxication.
I took a few shots. Now, I'm feeling so nice and Rosey.
by Leeloo Austin March 28, 2020
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