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A nicer way of callin someone a wigger, as in someone who is white, but acts like they are black. Often times a punk or poser.
Look at hank, with his shorts to his ankles, and his hat on sideways, he's such a wegro!
by Trosh23 July 10, 2008
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/wee/grow/ n. wegreos pl. 1. white negro 2. Any person of caucasian decent who identifies more closely with blacks/African Americans than with whites. 3. White person who is more accepted by blacks than whites. 4. Person said to be black but with "white skin" not seen as deragatory as is it's conterpart "Wigger
1. Eminem is a total wegro. 2. A couple of wegroes from east Detroit showed up.
by soulsurvivor_2001 October 19, 2009
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A white person obsessed with old-school black culture; a wigger, but old-school.
"Damn, those two wiggers are always talking about black music."

"Roger is a straight-up wigger for sure, but Pete is a wegro; all he listens to is Isaac Hayes and Aretha Franklin and all he watches is The Cosby Show and What's Happenin'."
by aretha4president April 28, 2010
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A confused white person who thinks he is black, but is not good enough at being a poser to be considered a wigger
That white kid wearing a wife beater, fitted, bling, and k-swiss is such a wegro.
by the guy from the ROC November 20, 2004
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The politically correct term for "wigger". Just like Negro is the PC term for "n*gger". Also called a Wegroid.
There are too many damned Wegroes in my town.
by Jannine December 16, 2003
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W(anna-be N)egro
A caucasian person who ommits the wish to be from african descent. Like the wigger, they will show a very large attempt to emulate the attitudes, lifestyles, and overall toughness and "gangsta" look of any surrounding black youth or rappers on tv, but there is one major difference between the two; They are white males, who come from any upper to middle class families, covered in bling, have any pimped out rides, and talk gangsta to anybody in every social situation, But are people who are the maggots of the Wigger race, being the least white acting, but also the uncoolest of the entire group or gang of stupid white kids who are gangstas
Joseph Casiello, Paul Edward Cook, Jeffrey Callaghan, Justin Timberlake

"Joseph, you're just a stupid wegro, stop listening to that 50 cent and act white dammit, you're making a fool of yourself. You've never been to compton and if u had, they'dve killed you before you even stepped into town. You're not cool and you never will be"
by hsatimmy October 07, 2006
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