The act of one or more people positioning themselves under a flaccid/cold penis and breathing on it without touching it until it becomes erect/warm.
Me: im a little cold down there. You ladies should give me a weenie roast
Ladies: (heavy breathing)
Me: awe yeah that feels good
by SOAD4.0 November 06, 2015
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where a guy burns another guys pecker with a match or lighter till he gives up information.
Man1: where do you keep your coke stash?
Man2: Go fuck your self.
Man1:Looks like were gona have a weenie roast.
Man2: Okay man in the bottom of the colset.
by deep blue 2012 December 29, 2009
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When a group of guys make fun of a friend's small penis right in front of him and others.
Jack's hook-up at the bar was going pretty well until we weenie-roasted him.
by tkchitown January 07, 2010
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n. when your girlfriend asks you how many girls you have had sex with
Josh: yo Blake, did you here about shawn?
Blake: nah, what happened?
Josh: he got a weenie roasting by his girlfriend and then bitch slapped when he gave her the answer
Blake: how many did he say?
Josh: 100!
Blake: whatta playah!
by archbishop301 June 22, 2014
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when I turned 19 and the girls took me to my first weenie roast, Glenda got so wasted that she couldn't even remember where she left her pantyhose the next morning!
by TheMocker September 13, 2005
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